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Wow, haven't written anything in a while. And look, another dream recording thing. |D As with one of my dreams before that featured a couple of my character s and other people's characters, I won't say their names to keep it ambiguous.

I was either being one of my characters in the dream or a part of the group, don't remember which (Though I did remember feeling whatever was a part of the atmosphere at the time.). In my dream, apparently my character and one of my friend's characters were exploring this house that looked a lot like my cousin's in structure, except that it was a part of an apartment. Also, the windows outside revealed the sky to be pitch black, creepy much? So they were trying to explore the house, but the only got to the living room where the giant windows to outside where when they got ambushed by an organization of sorts. Apparently they represented the deadly sins or something, but there were a bit more members so that one sin had at least two people in it. Also, I remember seeing a few canon characters that I liked among them (Ren, Tlachtga, whyyyy QAQ). So that happened, and there was a big fight with the duo winning (I really don't remember the fight, wish I did orz). The organization members disappeared after that with the intent of doing...something, I'll explain in a bit. |D

For some reason, my character was using a sword during the fight when I never imagined him using one, so that was weird. ._. However, his sword broke in the fight so he had to find a new one. Surprise surprise, there was a treasure box kinda thing in the room and opening it yielded a sword. |D A rare one too by the name of Nidhogg (How the hell did I even remember that name? O_o), which was causing the other character to whine about how rare it was and being all jealous. And my character's just like "Oh hey cool, new sword." Once that was done, though, the duo realized that the organization...kinda had a lot of power. |D And that they were going to be framed for hurting them. So they tried running out of the house as fast as possible, only to run into the cops right at the front door (I didn't see the look on their faces, but I bet it was priceless XD). Anyway, they politely shoved right past them as the cops began investigating the area and made a break for it once the door closed. I then remember them running up (Down? Up? The direction was north-ish so...) a street and my character calling to one of his friends, another character that's not mine, who was drunk off his butt and walking (I think he was stumbling around with his Pokemon? He had a blue leash and all, but I couldn't make out who he was walking. Though considering who that character was, I might have a clue...). Well the calling out didn't work until he mentioned that there was booze in the van nearby (Apparently it was theirs, go figure.). That got his attention and everyone scrambled into the van, with the dream ending around them closing the vehicle doors or driving the van away.

So yeah, that was interesting, especially since I was dreaming about other people's characters. :'D The feeling I remember most was "Oh s*** it's the cops, RUN," it was great and fun. XD God, Allen, you keep getting into a lot of shit in my dreams, stop doing that. Especially when you were involved in that Kagerou Days loop please don't fall into that again >.<   Aaaand I can't think of anything else so I'll just end this journal here.
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Did you know :iconmokkun-way: is an amazing artist? She's an amazing artist. Thank you so much for the ID I can't even :iconsawbplz:

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